Masters Of Light (VR)

I have had the pleasure of being the main game and combat designer on the upcoming Masters of Light VR game, available on Quest 2 and 3 in may 2024

Coven, a recent studio created by Céline Tricard and Marie Blondiaux, hired me as a freelance game designer to help them shape Masters of Light.
It is a fast paced fighting game using handtracking for the Quest 2 and 3 VR headsets. The game is edited by Meta, and was made in collaboration with Albyon and G4F.

See more about the game here

I was hired to design the game and all its fights. All of them, I am not kidding.

This project was one of my favorite games to make so far.
The team was great, spread between multiple places and companies, but always willing to go the distance to deliver the best experience possible.
Designing a handtracking game allowed us to do quite a lot of R&D, to imagine new rules and designs in an area that has yet to define its codes and gameplay language.
And combat design is a new specialty I hadn’t had much experience in previously. This process taught me a lot, to be able to deliver enough interesting and challenging fights while keeping a smooth progression curve was a challenge in and of itself. I hope players will appreciate the results, as I have poured a lot into refining and creating this experience.