Game Designer
Level Designer

And also sometimes youtuber, speedrunner, activist, streamer, game jam organizer and public speaker…
I am Maëlle Holtzer, and this is my portfolio.

Game Design Freelancer

Hi, I am a game design freelancer, with a decade of work experience.

Game Design

Game design is my main expertise, whether on AAA, indie games or mobile free-to-play, recently including VR games.

Level Designer

I can also be hired as a level designer, with relevant experiences in combat design, exploration games level design and platformers.


I regularly teach classes about Game Design and industry survival to young adults hoping to make it into video games, or introductory classes to game making for children.


I have experience consulting for game projects, regarding game design, game design documentation and sensitivity reading.

Event organizer

Every once in while, I dive into the beautiful and messy world of event organization. Game Jams, speedrun restreams, workshops…

Public Speaker

Due to having a vague online presence, I have had the pleasure to be invited to give talks, debates, and conferences about video games.

Hire Me

I may be available to help you materialize your game project