I was a game designer on the beta of the mobile strategy multiplayer game Age of Apes (previously Ape’O’Calypse) and a future undisclosed sequel for Tap4Fun Paris Studio

The game video in the Google Playstore page at launch

I was part of a 2 people design team on the game, developed in collaboration with Tap4Fun Chengdu (in China)
I helped shape the game mechanics, tone and creative direction.
I was the main writer for the game (both in English and French).
I helped oversee the game localization and marketing efforts.
I led a special effort to change the way players interacted and communicated in Tap4Fun MMOs, through the addition of an internal game news TV-Channel and social network.

The experience was extremely instructive in how to deal both with a small human-sized team in Paris, and a much bigger international team in Tap4Fun Chengdu. Working with a team accross the world was a great experience, and lead me to grow as a creator able to travel from team to team and manage a project semi-remotely even through cultural and language barriers.

The Paris team worked on the game from concept to public beta release, then the Chengdu team overtook the development and direction of the game, which allowed the Paris team to focus on the next project. A very interesting dynamic and quite hectic production schedule.

I also worked on a second game concept for Tap4Fun Paris, sadly undisclosed for the moment, for the same kind of multiplayer strategy style of game Tap4Fun is known for… with a twist !